Wild herbs-Restaurant “Steffelberg

Natural cuisine, gluten-free, lactose-free and vegetarian options available in the balance and selfness hotel.

The natural cuisine in the balance and selfness hotel Vulkaneifel
Fireworks for the senses in the wild herb Restaurant "Steffelberg". In the Eifel, you will taste the pure nature without flavor enhancers and any allergic additives. Whether separation food, smoothies, gluten free, lactose free - our kitchen tries to grant all your wishes. After all, food should be an experience.


Feel free to use our vital days to help your body back to more balance. Healthy kitchen and plenty of exercises are very important for this process. Culinary events and additional activities are a matter of the heart for us and take place regularly. Whether an herb walk with our chef through the nature of the Eifel - and then eating in nature or even a menu, conjured up by star chefs in our kitchen - our program is varied and open for everyone. Whether reading or a musical dinner entertainment. Give joy as a present in our great Eifel Hotel.


Why don’t you go with the chef Ralf Berg on herbs search and learn the nature, true to the motto: see Eifel, hear Eifel, feel Eifel, taste Eifel and smell Eifel. We are Eifel and live Eifel, which is also evident on our menu, as we support local producers of regional brands in the Eifel.

Naturally, guests who are planning a day trip are too welcome to our sun terrace and beer garden. The restaurant with its herb kitchen is open all week.


Enjoy the unique and natural cuisine in the balance and selfness hotel volcano Eifel, which will top off your sense of well-being.


With much love and imagination Ralf Berg processes mainly typical local products, such as meat, vegetables, crisp salads of the farmers in the area, and wild herbs. With freshly harvested natural products and homemade wild herbs kitchen. Delightful, aware and regionally.


Wild-herb kitchen – Culinary art and wine
The day with all your senses savor in Selfness- and Balance Hotel "Vulkaneifel” in the Eifel. Whether completely relaxed in our wild herbs restaurant or on the terrace.

The chef himself takes care of your physical well-being. Locals, traditional Eifler and international dishes at the German kitchen are on the menu in the balance and selfness hotel "Vulkaneifel" in the Eifel.  

Typical local dishes ranging from homemade “Kräuterteigtaschen” to wild dishes, delicious Eifel pastries and homemade bread, which will enchant even the most demanding palate. To complete the taste experience, fine wines from the Mosel and Ahr are served to the traditional food.


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Our theme eatery provides seasonal offers in a comprehensive, very varied menu. With particular care we solely use the available seasonal products. Packaged in our "CULINARY CALENDAR" we offer every month a different theme or event. Experience the versatility, adapted to the seasons, choose between herbal workshops, cooking events or themed days.

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