All-year hiking programs in the Volcano Eifel

Short escape to the country of maares and volcanos in the Eifel

No other holiday and nature experience Region in Germany has been so strongly influenced by volcanism as the volcanic Eifel. What was created about 11,000 years ago by the elemental forces of earth, has now developed into an attractive destination for short holiday trips into the nature of the Eifel.

Together with our certified natural- and Geopark guides of the volcanic Eifel, we secure a varied, exciting and diverse nature experience program throughout the year. We take you to the treasures of this fascinating landscape. Martina Berg herself is a hiking guide for the Eifel and likes to show the natural beauty of her homeland.

Get in – start out - marvel - experience nature in the Volcano Eifel:

By bike to selected natural resources on the Maare-Moselle-bicycle route of Daun to Wittlich. Duration: about 6 hours. Guided tours of wonderful locations such as the knowledgeable European bird sanctuariy “Sang Weiher lake” and the bat roosts “Trockenmaar” in the old railway tunnel.

Adventure hikes for adults and young people aged 14 on designated trails from Gillenfeld about Holzmaar, the Sang pond and back to the starting Mürmes, where corals once lived. "The Gerolsteiner Dolomites" - immerse yourself in the colorful world of tropical reefs. Let us take you into the "hot" past of the Eifel. Learn fascinating facts about more than 200,000 years of human history.

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Fascination Maare – the blue eyes of the Eifel
Whether gently nestled into the valley or abruptly brusque sloping, they look at us, "The blue eyes" of the Eifel: the Gemündener Maar, Schalkenmehrener Maar and the vineyards Maar - also called Totenmaar - idyllic, peaceful, mystical. In the beginning, however, was the fire...
Geocaching – underway in the Word Culture Heritage -
GPS Devices are placed with a reception to 4 satellites at least, tour program for determining the coordinates and of course, the treasure. Treasure hunting or nowadays coined "Geocaching" is a very special natural experience. Art for all ages combined with modern technology.
Volcan-hikes – treasures of the Volcano Eifel
In an extraordinary backdrop of nature, you can take a look into the depths of the earth. Feel, taste and smell the different rock types. The tour offers adventure and relaxation in the heart of the Eifel.
Trip to the "wild herbs on ways, meadows, and forest edges"
Discover together, get to know, taste smell and feel, prepare and enjoy with the herbal expert Ralf Berg.
Hiking into other Worlds
From volcano to the ice cave helmets on and light on! Those who enter the Birresborn caves, will feel a chill at first. Due to a maximum temperature of up to the six degrees, the caves have been used as an ice storage for centuries during summer. One of the many uses in the course of time.
Crime-hikes: Berndorf’s crime World.
Looking for clues at the locations of the Eifel thrillers. The Eifel - a murderous landscape? What inspired Jacques Berndorf and Co.? Only a visit will be able to give answers: thus, take a walk through the crime backdrop around Hillesheim.

Other great attractions nearby:

  • Nurburgring (approx. 40 minutes)
  • Gerolsteiner Brunnen (approx. 10 minutes)
  • Zipline in Berlingen (approx. 10 minutes)
  • Kasselburg (approx. 10 minutes)
  • Outlet Center – City Outlet Bad Münstereifel (30 minutes)
  • Eifelpark Gondorf (approx. 30 minutes)
  • Phantasialand (approx. 45 minutes)
  • Trier, Luxemburg, Cologne approx. 60 minutes each
  • Teufelsschlucht – Dinosaurierpark – (45 minutes)
  • Kartbahn Dahlemer Binz, Outdoor von April – Oktober (10 minutes)
  • Schmetterlingspark Ahrhütte – 25 minutes
  • 6 different castles in the radius of 20 km

We look forward to hearing from you!